Big Impact Speakers

Looking for the very best in public and motivational speakers? Vedette Global Media brings you top speakers for your stage, podcast, magazine and radio shows. When you’re looking for content experts to feature or interview on television, podcasts, and magazines, these speakers are ready.  

Angel Tuccy

Global Media Expert
Angel’s Speaker Sheet

Zan Ray & Tom Collins

Profit Specialists
Power Couple Speaker Sheet

Diana Hubner

Tire Safety Expert
Tire Mom Press Release

Dr. Susan Truong

Beyond 20/20 Vision Strategist
Dr. Susan’s 2020 Speaker Schedule

Ginni Trask

Customer Engagement & Retreat Specialist
Gini Trask’s 2020 Speaker Schedule

Michelle Guinn

Carey Conley

Melanie McSally

Profit Optimization Specialist
Melanie McSally’s 2020 Speaker Schedule

Zondra Evans

TV Host
Zondra Evans’ Speaker Sheet

Michelle Faust

Michelle Jewsbury

Breakthrough Specialist
Michelle Jewsbury’s E-Release

Carrie Liebich

Victorious Mom 

DeAnn Chase

Small Business Law Expert
Speaker Sheet 

Tina Torres

Customer Retention Expert 

Dr. Geoffrey Cly

Board Certified OB/Gyn, Women’s Health Expert
Dr. Geoffrey Cly’s Speaker Link

Dorci Leissner-Hill

Radio Host & Happiness Specialist


Christine McKay

Global Negotiation Specialist
Speaker Sheet 

Sharon North Pohl

Zesty Aging


Dawn Bates

Author Strategist  Media Sheet

Dr. Wendy Labat

Financial Strategist
Wendy Labat Speaker Sheet